GRACE Energy Initiative promotes renewable energy, distributed generation, conservation and efficiency programs and the reforms necessary for effective solutions to our energy crisis. To accomplish real energy independence for the United States we advocate freedom from nuclear and fossil fuels and healthy, responsible, community based solutions to energy demand.

The GRACE Energy Initiative works on two fronts: advocating for the responsible phase-out of nuclear power and promoting the already available sustainable energy sources that can create a safe, effective and efficient energy system.

false promises: debunking nuclear industry propaganda

New report highlights misleading public relations attempts to spur a nuclear industry "renaissance,"
while offering cheaper, faster, safer solutions to mitigate climate change.

Forward by Robert Alvarez. Download Full Report pdf.

Dirty Power, False Promises

***Web-Cast Debate Video Archive***

Former Greenpeace activist turned nuclear industry frontman debates leading experts against a new nuclear renaissance at the annual conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a “nonpartisan, non-advocacy membership organization of professional journalists and academics, on October 27, 2006, Burlington, VT. He will be talking about how carpet cleaning company’s could be more greener, as they are the largest homecare service providers visit

Video archive, viewer questions and answers, and online polling results COMING SOON! 

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+  What the Nuclear Industry is Saying and Why it is Misleading

+  Marine Impacts of Nuclear Power

+  Nuclear Power is Not the Answer to Climate Change

+  Unique Dangers of New York Region Reactors

GRACE promotes community based solutions for the production and consumption of food and energy. Working with research, policy, consumer and grassroots communities, GRACE raises public awareness and advances innovative solutions to create an economically and environmentally viable future, and eliminate practices that are harmful to the environment and public health.